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Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities (BRAVO)
Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities (BRAVO) is non-profit and non-governmental organization. BRAVO is a professional organization based on knowledge, focused on entrepreneurship, civil society development, non-formal education and innovative learning and development techniques for young people and adults.

What makes this organization outstanding and ready to take responsibility are our key principles: tolerance, democracy, diversity, voluntariness and openness. We promote partnerships between the private, public sector and civil society for sustainable community development, advocating for the education of young people with an emphasis on skills needed in the 21st century, investing in entrepreneurship, innovation, non-formal education and sustainable local community development.

The Alliance for Global Development (AGD)

The Alliance for Global Development (AGD) was founded by four organizations working in the area of global development. AGD seeks to harmonize the work of each member organization embedded in the system in a manner that promotes the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and thereby contributes meaningfully to reducing the plight of the most vulnerable and fostering social inclusion, with a focus on migrants and displaced people from third world countries

Youth Strategic Research Center Foundation
Ifjúsági Stratégiai Kutatóközpont Alapítvány (Youth Strategic Research Center Foundation) was founded with the specific aim of contributing to research efforts in the field of youth strategy, and also the practical implementation of the methodological considerations viewed most effective and appropriate by our foundation. We believe that the clear path of development for education and youth work is its non-formal and informal forms, and we strive to carry out research in this field and to use them in practical circumstances such as youth exchange programs, training courses, seminars, and other teaching activities. The organization’s curator and it’s volunteers have been involved both in youth work and academic endeavours for almost a decade now, thus acquiring not only ample experience, but also the willingness and drive to improve both the theoretical/methodological, and the practical aspects of working with young people from diverse backgrounds. Through our activities, our organization wishes to foster the economic and social development of the region and participate in its cultural life.
Moby Dick
Moby Dick is an organization founded in 2005, with the headquarter in Salerno. The mission is to exchange experiences and ideas through cultural and training activities in Italy and abroad. The areas of intervention are: young people and European mobility, innovative teaching and non-formal education and the participation of young people in the democratic life. For years we have been cooperating with many foreign organizations, especially in Europe, and this allowed to develop skills in non-formal education field, to create transnational networks, but also to be updated on innovations in public policies dedicated to young people. Moby Dick has established itself as a good practice in southern Italy because of the ability to be really on the side of young people and support organizations, public and private, who are working in the field of youth.
New Vision
New Vision   is proud by the quality of its staff composed by board members and devoted personnel and volunteers.

The president: highly skilled person in representing the NGO. Involved in the NGO sector since 2007, excellent communicator and youth worker.

The project manager: extensive experience in project management and with the former Youth in Action Programme.

The accountant: specialized in NGO accounting and works with several NGOs that apply for various grants. Her experience and abilities are proven by the exact calculation of the budget and by excellent work regarding reimbursement of participants in other projects.

The internal auditor: each year, New Vision  requires an internal audit to make sure that everything is in perfect order from accounting perspective and that all the documents related are dully ordered and registered.

The general goal of SFERA SERBIA is through non-formal methods to educate the young population in Serbia about the protection of the environment, cultural and natural heritage, with the purpose to raise the awareness of all age groups about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the benefits that come with it.
We have worked on different types of projects in the past such as:

  • Tackling the problems of poverty and unemployment;
  •  Developing leadership skills and democracy among youth;
  • Organizing training, Workshops on a national and international level;
  •  Networking with national and international organizations and networks.These are regular activities in the organization.
    Association has these main goals and objectives:
  • Protection of the environment, cultural and natural heritage;
  • Promoting sustainable development and the usage of alternative sources of energy; |
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle – sport, healthy diet;
SYNCRO is an organisation active in the field of education, personal development, skill trainings and youth support. Syncro was founded in 2010. with the aim of supporting the enhancement of quality of living and development of human potential through powerful educational and personal development experiences.

Our mission is to encourage young people to reach their potential, to create a learning space through personal development trainings, to support education and involvement of young people, especially those with fewer opportunities, to provide opportunities for cooperation in the youth field and to create opportunities for expression of creativity and enjoyment in life, while including everyone.

World Of Change
The NGO “World of Change” is a dynamic, progressive and modern non-profit, non-governmental organisation founded in 2019 in the city of Valandovo – North Macedonia, by an initiative of a group of young and zealous people with the mission/vision of promoting the personal and professional development among young people, their stimulation, encouragement and support to achieve their fullest potential as through active work and activities on the local and international level.

“World of Change” NGO’s main objective is using different activities to encourage the personal and professional development of the citizens through non-formal education, reaching their potential and capacity of becoming an active part of social, economic, cultural and civil society, to contribute in the creation of responsible educational and environmental development and to become the drivers and the voice of positive change, drawing attention to lifelong learning.


The Civil Non-Profit Company IASIS NGO was founded in 2005. From 2005 until today at the center of IASIS NGO is the human. The main objectives of the organization are to provide psychosocial support, to combat the social exclusion of vulnerable groups of the population, to provide psychological and counseling services, to create equal opportunities and new perspectives for vulnerable groups of the population, to promote mental health, to provide psychiatric care in the Community based on the principles of Social Psychiatry and Psychosocial Rehabilitation, provision of specialized psychiatric services and psychoeducational interventions to the standards of Psychiatric Reform and the World Health Organization.
Mladiinfo Montenegro

Glavni cilj udruženja je poboljšanje položaja mladih, informisanje, promovisanje volonterizma i aktivnog učešća u društvu, kao i podizanje svijesti društva o pitanjima i problemima koji se tiču mladih. M!M teži da mladima obezbijedi uslove za ispunjavanje njihovih ciljeva i potreba, kao i ispoljavanje talenata i mogućnosti, a sve u cilju dobrobiti cjelokupnog društva.

Uspješno je realizovala nekoliko projekata. Projekat „Aktivnošću do učešća“ finansijski je podržao fond za aktivno građanstvo. Projekat je imao za cilj podizanje svijesti o potrebi aktivnog učešća mladih u životu društva i iniciranje stvaranja Savjeta mladih u Nikšiću. Projekat »Druga strana« realizovan je u partnerstvu sa NTV Montena, a podržan je od Komisije za raspodjelu dijela prihoda od igara na sreću.


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