Volunteers of the Let’s Do It team, in cooperation with the European Union Info Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina, today planted trees in ten communities across BiH as part of the “Our Planet, Our Future” campaign.

The teams planted more than 6,000 new seedlings in Sarajevo, Tuzla, Doboj Istok, Bihac, Ljubuski, Gorazde, Bijeljina, Donji Vakuf, Srebrenica and Olovo.

“After the successful cooperation and planting campaigns in October last year, we are happy with the fact that we have again enriched our country with new tree seedlings. Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the countries with the largest share of forests and diversity of forest species in Europe, and it is a treasure that we must preserve and restore. In addition to the fact that trees give us the oxygen we need to survive, we must not forget the other multiple benefits that forests have for us and our country,” said the Let’s Do It team.


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