With every project, BRAVO tries to write amazing stories that will be life-changing for those who take part in it. Nevertheless, such a story is the O’visor project which aims to create an EU relationship forward in founding and recognizing cross-border volunteerism. 

On the 2nd of October in Sarajevo, BRAVO hosted a Kick-off meeting for the O’visor project which gathered partner organizations from 9 different countries. Our main priority was keeping everyone safe and healthy, so every activity was realized strictly following the COVID-19 measures and protocols.

Each of the organizations had their time to shine, as they gave a presentation on the project and its activities. Training on the issue of volunteer collaboration and management, as well as their support in disaster and crisis circumstances such as earthquakes, fires, and floods, was held on the first day of the Kick-off meeting. 

On the second day, we continued where we left off.

Attendees discussed the budget, its distribution, duties for the upcoming activities, and the implementation process of the Round Table in Tirana, Albania. Any doubts or questions that partners had at the time were clarified and answered precisely. The conversation resulted in a favorable end since partner organizations agreed to conduct a competition for the upcoming Photo Exhibition in Athens, Greece. In the end, the two-day meeting led to signing a partnership agreement. 

Till now, it is always nice to remember the bare beginnings of the O’visor story which would not be possible without the partners and everyone involved who embrace the project’s ideals and apply them to many aspects of life regularly. We are spreading awareness of volunteerism and serving as one other’s motivation in these challenging times for mankind by sharing our stories. Those are the moments when you come to the realization of how your bare minimum can do so much for others. What really matters is the amount of the good we because at the end of the day ‘’Only What You Give is Yours’’!