Coming from our great partner organization from Albania, New Vision Organization (Organizata NewVision) here are 2 testimonials! The first testimonial is a recap from the Round Table event held in Tirana back in December and the second testimonial is a recap from the Photo Exhibition event held in Athens just last week!

Round Table, Tirana, Albania

Part of the O’Visor project was the “Round Table” which took place in Tirana where for 3 days 100 youngsters from these 10 countries visited Tirana and carried out activities within this project. The aim is to create some manuals with references from volunteers, organizations and informal groups who have experience in volunteering. The 4 introductory lists with 4 separate discussion topics were filled in the blink of an eye. It is worth noting that all topics focused on “Volunteering”. It was not long before a panel took the stage.

The panel consisted of 4 different volunteers, each good at what they do. I was part of that panel too. Throughout one hour we talked about Volunteering, the impact it has on us, why we chose it and like the icing on the cake an inspiring story that had happened to us. After a while we all got together where we exchanged ideas and personal experiences. In the end each group managed to draw significant conclusions and recommendations for Volunteering. I can say with conviction that everyone was a great example for the world.

Photo Exhibition, Athens, Greece

As part of the O’Visor program, the next activity “Photo Exhibition” took place in Athens, Greece. During the first day of the event, the local organization “IASIS”, organized an event which had at its core the promotion of volunteerism in cases of emergencies and natural disasters. Beforehand all participating countries sent photos where they themselves have voluntarily helped in these cases  by creating a diverse exhibition. Volunteering in cases of civil emergencies involves many different situations ranging from: earthquakes, fires, floods, etc. which were submitted by all partner organizations. After the launch of the event, all participants had to vote for the most beautiful photo, explaining why they it and the winning photo was taken during an earthquake where a man with a dog were looking under the rubble. The essence of this picture is that in case of disasters and civil emergencies the human beings are not the only one affected by this kind of unfortunate events.

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