My experience in the project “O’Visor” was amazing in terms of what I was able to learn about helping others. I have a history of projects dedicated especially to young people, but we put the focus on Crisis management, which sadly is becoming more of a problem nowadays.


One of the good reasons this project is successful, relies in the cooperation among countries which really represent Europe and its good parts. Having the chance to share how certain topics are perceived in other countries, what “help” means in other places, is one thing I will keep with me and try to replicate in my local context. – Paolo Senatore

“O’Visor” represents a truly enriching experience, in all its forms. Just the level of the partnership is a powerful tool on which we could fulfill real European values. The pictures regarding crisis management helped me understand the power of the people, where even a little help can mean something great for others. With me I will bring the understanding of how people can help in any way, and how everything is important even small things. – Imma Criscuolo

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