As kids we all have used Wikipedia to search for the origin of a word, and we have all bumped into the fraze “it comes from the Greek word…”. By this we have a sense of the Greeks’ influence on today’s literature and philosophy. So I’m going to take you through a stroll of our adventure in this photo exhibit project in Greece. This experience showed me how volunteers in crisis situations shape lives and social needs. After the photo contest in which ten countries took place (Greece, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Albania, Montenegro, and Luxembourg), I got the bigger picture of how people take care of themselves in crisis situations.

I had the opportunity to explore the historical metropolis and learn about the art and history of the city, alongside meeting new positive people that will stay in my memory for a lifetime with their perception and way of thinking. I felt in a way that we all belong together, and should be compact and react for the better of the whole group, not only individually. In these times when we’re faced with some type of a crisis situation we want to meet common people, those types that actually look to help the whole society not only looking out for their interests. 

These types of projects are why we believe in a better future, and actually make a step towards a better society as a whole. It’s nice to hear someone sing your song, but imagine when the whole group gets the rhythm of the music right as well. That’s the feeling I was left with my last steps in this chapter, and can’t wait to start the next chapter.

“Harmony is a symphony, and symphony is an agreement” -Platon.

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