It was an amazing experience in Athens to attend the photo exhibition hosted by IASIS NGO. The pictures taken by all the partner organizations exhibited in the exhibition were really touching and displayed the power and necessity of volunteering in crisis situations. The role that ordinary citizens can play to support the volunteers is as significant as the role of the volunteers themselves. The effort being done by IASIS in the city of Athens and surroundings is phenomenal, especially the work they are doing with the mentally challenged people and has definitely left a mark. 


The experience to share the aim of the project “Only What You Give is Yours” with all the partners was just tremendous. The knowledge sharing and ideas conversed for the future shall pave way to create relationships in founding and recognizing cross-border volunteerism. Such projects and exchanges also inspire to gather people together to make the society a better place and keep widening until it reaches the whole globe and to try every day to discover new tools and opportunities to achieve that goal and to realize the vision of the project. We are glad that we are part of raising awareness of volunteerism and sharing experience of volunteering and volunteer work at the transnational level.  We are privileged to have taken part in such an important event.

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