Coordinators Lorena and Bojana from NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro also took part in a photo exhibition in Athens from February 25th to 28th.

Expectations were high since this is was the first time we were visiting Athens. Each of us went with some special goal or expectation to visit this city.

Coordinator Lorena started studying architecture a few months before it was announced that she would be going to Athens for the photo exhibition. One of her semester assignments was related to, guess what, the Parthenon. She had never seen it before, her inspiration were only photos. Therefore, she was thankful for the chance to see it in real life. Besides that, both of them had been actively participating in organizing the O’visor photo contest in Montenegro, so the exhibition in Athens was going to be a step forward towards reaching the goal of this project.

On the other hand, Bojana’s expectations were that she would find some new ideas for improving the organization and see some different organizational management practices. Of course wherever we go we always expect to find new partnerships, new contacts as well as new experiences. So it was this time too, we met a lot of new people, created partnerships and recharged the batteries for other activities within this and other projects.

Regarding the exhibition itself, it was perfectly organized. When we say exhibition, we don’t just mean the part where we saw the chosen photos, but also everything that ISAIS members showed us that day. It meant a lot to us to see some good practices of continuously helping people without giving up, and actually getting results. We were all very emotional while listening to how hard it is for older people in Athens who live alone and don’t have a single person in their life. And then there are the amazing IASIS volunteers who help them every day and make their lives happier. We also realized that young people in Greece are very aware of how important volunteering is and what impact they can make by devoting some of their time to it. We wish to see that in Montenegro and other countries one day as well, but that’s what O’visor is all about, isn’t it? Therefore, we are really grateful that this project exists and that NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro get to be a part of it and we to meet people who genuinely want to see a difference but also to help make the difference.

You know that feeling when you see so much good practice that you wonder when we will be able to achieve it? Most of us must have thought that during the days spent in Athens. These are new experiences that are invaluable.

We look forward to the exhibition in Sarajevo, which will be organized by the amazing BRAVO team, and where we will once again witness amazing photos that show the solidarity of volunteers in crisis situations. And until then, we will remember all the wonderful moments in Athens and look forward to seeing again the wonderful people we met in that magical city.

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