My name is Mladen, and I represented Syncro on the project of volunteering in crisis situations. Following my stay in Greece, I am writing the following review. On the project in Greece, we were introduced to different types of volunteering in crisis situations. Apart from the fact that we were hosted by the hosts in Greece, the time we spent there was as useful as it was pleasant. At the workshops, we learned about the problems that volunteers face in crisis situations, and how important it really is to have volunteers when they happen. We are familiar with the project in Greece, which aims to leave no one alone in these difficult times of the pandemic, as well as with the work and effort that goes into it. We also visited the home for people with mental disorders, and we were introduced to their work there. Our stay in Greece ended with a meeting where they talked about further activities that will be implemented during this project.


On my part, praise for the organization by volunteers in Greece, and for a very good team of patrons from Sarajevo, led by Ismail, and for the whole team BRAVO FBiH.


I am leaving with useful knowledge and very fond memories.

Greetings from the Croatia team!


By: Mladen Simović


I am grateful for being able to take part in a two-day programe by the O’Visor project and to see Athens in a new light. Greek hosts (IASIS NVO organisation) gave us a warm welcome. They introduced us to their work as we visited many places in which they operate. What impressed me the most was the boarding house for people with mental disabilities. Here it was especially visible why this kind of work matters.


By: Lara Leko

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