The delegations of the project partners have spent two very informative and exciting days in the capital of Greece. We visited the homes for disabled people operated by the host organization. Following really strict COVID security measures, we were able to look around the facilities and even discuss with some of the residents. Surprisingly, they were very talkative and several of them spoke fluent English. We were able to get a little insight into the wonderful work IASIS is doing for these people. We also had the chance to visit the IASIS headquarters where we could see „where the magic happens”, beside the offices, we were also able to see their gym and other facilities. We were also given the opportunity to visit a wonderful initiative called Fabric Republic, which is a country-wide used clothes collection, selection, distribution and upcycling project. We were also able to visit their shop with all the wonderful upcycled products.

The focal point of the visit was the exhibition and conference. Following several personal testimonials from volunteers, we were able to see the photos collected from the international partners regarding volunteering activities. The delegation from Hungary is looking forward to the next activities of the project – local and international ones.

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