Between the 23rd-24th of April, in the context of  O’visor project, following the successful Photo Exhibition held in Greece during February, IASIS NGO and partners from 8 different European countries had the honor to attend the Photo Exhibition in Sarajevo. The host of the event was BRAVO – Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities. The photo exhibition was based on voluntary intervention and humanitarian help during crisis situations, such as earthquakes, fires, other natural disaster or even war. During the Photo Exhibition implementation, we had the chance to demonstrate photos of the current Ukrainian crisis and raised awareness among all Europeans on how to act during humanitarian crisis.

More specifically, at 23 of April partners from 10 different European countries attended a photographic exhibition about disasters in the participant countries. In addition, speakers invited to the event, talked about photography, mountain rescue and also  the police association talked about photography and humanitarian work done in BiH. The exhibitions were held at Fondacija Izvor Nade (23 April 2022). At 24 of April, all partners attended another photographic exhibition concerning rescue operations in all participant countries where speakers were also talking about humanitarian photography in detail at Homework Hub.

Thank for the great hosting!

See you at the Sarajevo in June!



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