I am Arbi Mustafaj from Albania, part of the New Vision Organization. I recently was part of the four-day O’Visor project for the International Exhibition “Hold your hands to others” held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Being part of this project, was a pleasure because we learned more about the effects of volunteering which can range from many helpful characteristics. From helping those in need, giving back to the community, working for worthwhile causes, and overall helping someone with their health, mentally and physically. Not only can someone create new bonds when they volunteer, but they can strengthen bonds they already have with somebody. 


Another good thing was that we had the opportunity to be there with people from other cultures, so we could ask and talk about everything we were curious about and how volunteering works in their country.

“Hold Your Hand to Others” – this is what stuck in my mind after a four-day experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Being part of the 2nd day of Photo Exhibit, placed in Sarajevo, was a pleasure. 


The aim of this project was on researching and creating a new model of local and development of the essential role of volunteers. The second part of this exhibition was presented with 40 new never before-seen photographs and illustrations. 


The best parts of this experience were the workshops with non-academics trained on the use of non-formal education and learning methods. We had the opportunity to socialize with all the volunteers, part of this exhibition as members of different Balkan countries, sharing our experiences about active citizenship issues. 


All participants had the chance to experience the virtual presentation of volunteer work, solidarity and contributions in times of crisis and our everyday life.


-Gliona Gjergjani



Take a look


Take a look