Martina Cian: 

Thanks to this experience in Sarajevo for the photo exhibition “Hold your hand to others” I had the opportunity to discover a land rich in history and culture. The photos representing  the world of volunteering had a strong impact, because they are able to seize the moment, to witness an experience and to tell the story of those who volunteer and those who receive it. Volunteering means allocating time resources to a cause that you identify with emotionally, that you truly believe in, and that you are willing to take action on. I think that’s really the key – to choose the cause that awakens in you such a deep feeling, such a great desire to get involved, such a devastating passion, that you are willing to spend your time, your only non-renewable resource, to assign to that particular cause. 


When wearing the uniform, the volunteer is emerging in that specific role and is expressing his whole person in an integral way. The uniform is an external element of practical visibility indispensable in carrying out the work, it is removed and put on the occasion, instead Volunteering is a mental habit that one chooses and has constantly always and in every moment within oneself: it is a style of life and is part of one’s identity.

The exhibition is a testimonial of those who truly and literally are holding their hands to others. 

Vincenzo La Croce:


Regardless of the motivation, one thing is certain: the fact that volunteering is both a challenging and a rewarding activity. One of the known benefits of volunteering is the impact on the community. Unpaid volunteers are often the driving force behind a united community. Volunteering allows a person to connect with the community in which they live and make it a better place. However, volunteering is a two-way street that can help you and your loved ones, as well as the cause you choose to get involved with. When volunteering involves other people, you make a difference to change someone’s day and, to some extent, even someone’s life. There are people who really need help or even just company and who, if they weren’t volunteers, wouldn’t get the support they need. Simple actions can make a big difference; more than this, spending time volunteering helps you make new friends and improve your social skills.


I always remain fascinated by the looks, the smiles of those people volunteering, sometimes so different, but so similar, because they make me hope for a progressive change towards respect, comparison and tolerance. This is the real meaning of volunteering for me.




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