Fallacy Factory is back!

Last weekend with my friends we won a very interesting international debate tournament organized by the O’visor – Only What You Give is Yours project. The aim of the event was to emphasize the importance of volunteering and to bring onto the surface systematic issues that are sometimes neglected by society. The topics of this event were focusing on understanding crisis situations more. I am grateful to all the cooperating country delegation that this event could happen, and we could use our debating skills in such a fascinating way to promote important issues. On top of having a thank you note, I would like to tell how incredibly lucky? we got with the win and why it makes this as sweet as it gets.

In order to win we had to win 5 debates in a row, and losing any of them would mean the end of the run. From these 5 debates 4 ended up with a split decision by the respective jury panels, almost all of our debates were decided by just one adjudicator. This was the most apparent during the first round of the Hungarian Qualifiers, when we advanced with a low-points win… Basically we had to brute our way into the finals, which right until it started was not guaranteed for us to happen. Another hardship came with the Karl Popper format, which was something completely new for Péter and Márton.

In the end I never felt we were losing control over the debates, and I thought we could generally dictate and point out the main clashpoints all the time. I am happy that the tournament is over, now I will really need to take some rest and extra sleep… ?

We would like to thank Ifjúsági Stratégiai Kutató Központ Alapítvány for the opportunity and the hosts for the (mostly…) wonderful Bosnian hospitality, and I hope to repeat an event like this in Hungary in the near future.



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