From June 10th to the 14th we had the great opportunity to be part of  Seminar &Int’l Karl Popper Debate organized by the O’ visor- Only What You Give is Yours project. The event brought up the importance of topics such as volunteering, crisis situations and the way they are being  handled by institutions and other social issues. We were kindly hosted by the Bravo Team and amazed and touched by  Sarajevo city.  

In Sarajevo KP competition we gained experience from a new place and culture. we also made friends from around the Europe, and gained a global perspective which allowed me to develop highly-valued skills such as intercultural communication, foreign languages. This competition helped us with my adaptability, and problem-solving skills.

The debates were eye-openers, revealing many social, environmental and political issues and the different positions opposing parties can have. It was great to see so many well-prepared debaters argue in favor and against such important topics, all bringing up valid strong arguments to support their case. It helped in shifting perspectives and understanding how two opposing positions can both be right and in their own stance. It’s just a matter if who presents their arguments in a more persuasive manner.

We take our chance to thank you New Vision, Bravo Organization  and O’visor for the unforgettable experience.



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Take a look