When I found out that I have to participate abroad with Moby Dick I had many uncertainties, but the idea of visiting a city like Sarajevo, unusual but above all about which there is little and inaccurate information, immediately stimulated me and as a lover of travels and new experiences I decided to jump on board. I wasn’t imagining to experience some of the most intense days of my life. I discovered a city as I would have never expected it, a city full of wounds and scars but incredibly alive and eager to get back up, a city that welcomes tourists by transporting them into a world of tradition and friendliness, a city that can be fully understood only by submerging among its citizens, a city to visit and experience. At the same time, I can only speak positively of all the people I have had the pleasure of meeting and of all the different cultures with which they have brought me into contact; then challenging them in my first Karl Popper Debate experience was fun and exciting despite our path being interrupted in the first round against the Hungarian team, which eventually won, to whom I reiterate my congratulations.


To conclude, between the 10th and the 14th of June I lived an experience like few others, discovering a city full of charm and history together with many people that I will hardly forget, I must therefore evaluate this exchange in an extremely positive way and I would like to give heartfelt thanks to Moby Dick association and to all the people who made this experience possible.


Thank you.


From the bottom of my heart, Andrea.


I’m Carla Alessia Castagna and I am a member of Moby Dick ets, a third sector organisation whose mission is the exchange of experiences and ideas through cultural and educational activities in Italy and abroad, carrying out actions related to young people and European mobility, innovative didactics, non-formal education, and youth participation in democratic life.


From 10 to 14 June, my two travelling companions and I participated in the Seminar &Int’l Karl Popper Debate organised by the project O’visor- Only What You Give is Yours , held in the fascinating city of Sarajevo. The event aimed to highlight the importance of topics such as volunteering, situations and dealing with them.  


It was an exciting debate in which we challenged ourselves and at the same time got to know the ways and spirit in which young people from other participating countries debate and with whom we made friends.


The debates also raised issues of social, environmental and political importance, which then opened up common reflections.

It was a good experience that I will certainly always remember.


I thank my colleagues from Bravo Organisation and O’visor for their hospitality.



From 11 to 14 June, I participated in the “Only What You Give is Yours” project, held in Sarajevo and organized by the Bravo association, as part of the Europe for Citizens program.


The project, of considerable interest to the younger generations, had a notable impact on the participants, who “clashed” on different and important issues, not only locally, but above all at European and world level.


The host organization was very helpful, attentive to everyone’s needs, both from a logistics, accommodation, and from a food and organizational point of view.


The structure where we stayed overnight was well-finished, suited to our needs and with every comfort, close to the airport and close to local bus stops.


In general, I can say that it was a really constructive experience, for various reasons, the language, all the time we spoke in English, the culture, the openness to new peoples and new cultures. Congratulations to the host, for the organization and for the project dealt with.


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