We bring you new and exciting news! Due to the successful implementation of previous activities, our team is planning and working hard to implement as many as three new O’visor seminars.

We invite all those interested to join us in Tuzla, Zenica and Sarajevo and expand their knowledge and contribute to future project activities by participating.

The O’visor seminar in Tuzla will be held on 27.08. in the premises of BiT Center Tuzla, lasting two hours, starting at 12:00.

The O’visor seminar in Zenica will be held on 29.08. in the premises of the Zenica Youth Center, lasting two hours, starting at 18:00.

The O’visor seminar in Sarajevo will be held 31.08. in the premises of the BM Hotel, lasting two hours, starting at 18:00.

The O’visor seminar will bring together a number of non-governmental organizations that actively work in crisis situations and through various activities contribute to us and the society in which we live. This seminar is not only an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge, but also to enrich your CV, as all participants will receive a certificate as well as a certificate of participation.

O’visor (Only What You Give is Yours) is a Europe for Citizens project that aims to raise awareness of the importance of activism and volunteer work, especially in crisis situations among young people, minorities and disadvantaged citizens.

The aim of “o’VISOR is strengthening the EU unity and supporting WB region on the way to EU, also strengthening EU and WB identity and conscience built from the grassroots to the community-based, community-built and community-supported starting with the impact and improvement of volunteering policies at the transnational level, supporting solidarity in the time of the crises and cooperation EU countries with WB. The common work for a sharing EU solidarity, cooperation and volunteering framework through the cooperation of 10 CSO-s coming from 10 different countries aimed at fostering awareness and public understanding about the importance of the volunteerism and solidarity issues improving sustainable conditions for civic and democratic participation at EU level and including citizens from WB countries.

While preparing the project, we put the special attention on the inclusion, balanced integration and participation of the citizens, disadvantage groups, civil society groups and people with fewer opportunities from all EU countries included in the project, where our main focus was on inclusion and active participation of partners from the WB who become candidates for entering the EU back in 2006. 

We are planning to have the multilingual activities (10 languages represented) and multicultural character of the EU, considering history in Western Balkan and cultural sensitivity and diversity awareness of the sociocultural characteristics of the local communities concerned and the need for inclusion of disadvantaged groups and people with fewer opportunities. 

BRAVO is also committed that will ensure growth through the dissemination of all activities and promotion of the project all across the EU and WB, but in the same time reaching a big number of the people, groups and organizations out of countries of the partners consortium. We will also use our organization networks for the promotion of our goals, activities and results. Our social network is counting more than 30k followers which we will reach directly and we are counting for a min 10k indirectly through other social and traditional media. With this, we will enlarge the impact of the results will have a great visibility 

The focus of this project would be on researching and creating a new model of local and transnational development of the essential role of volunteers, disadvantaged groups and minorities with a focus on the refugees and migrants. We will try to create models where people from disadvantaged groups and minorities can be useful citizens and using our models to contribute to their society in everyday life. We will use our models and will present them to civil protection, Red Crosses and other organizations working with migrants and in that way help them to include migrants in the activities in camps, in building shelters for themselves and how to support each other. Almost all partners have a big problem with migrants, refugees, the inclusion of people with fewer opportunities and we want to use our models and project idea in every country. 

We will also deliver participatory workshops with non-academics trained on the use of non-formal education and learning methods and active citizenship issues in order to foster European citizenship and European value from the grassroots stimulating volunteering work to further improve conditions for cross-border volunteering and strengthening cooperation and solidarity between Western Balkan countries and WB with EU countries!

Based on aim of the project,  the target groups will be cross-generational, cross-cultural and cross-sectoral groups to reach an intense exchange, transfer of knowledge and best practices across the EU and WB, even after we conclude the project itself. There are many important elements in this project, but one of the most important will be that participants are directly involved in the formulation of proposals and recommendations of EU volunteering policies to the European institutions which will be presented and showed during the final event in Luxembourg. It would be a great result which they can bring to the home and show their role as active contributors to EU laws, EU policies and to the EU decision-making process, stimulating a mode of engagement in EU affairs that can be replicated with other important issues related to the solidarity and voluntary sector and communities after “o’VISOR” project is over. The project primary target will be people who are directly involved in civil society, directly working with disadvantaged groups and decision-makers, as well as government institutions, even when not formally part of our networks. By empowering these groups a significant ripple effect will be obtained, with newcomers and their families who are indirectly reached by the project, being informed about the o’VISOR project activities and potential involvement through direct and indirect participation through their efforts for their communities.

We hereby encourage you to register and become part of a special story, through whose activities we strive to recognize and promote positive examples of our society. Sign up and be part of a diverse project that brings together partners from as many as 10 European countries.

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