The second O’VISOR seminar in a row was held on September 29 in Zenica. Our team put a lot of effort into organizing everything and producing a top-notch event that would try to inform and raise awareness of the benefits of volunteering.

Many young people who were keen to learn and advance their expertise attended this seminar. They waited patiently to hear our outstanding guests, who represented five different organizations. Even though each of the five organizations is specialized in a different area of work, they all shared a commitment to improving opportunities for young people to develop, study, travel, and explore.

Nedžma Salkić, the seminar’s moderator, not only introduced the guest speakers but also gave a great speech to make everyone in the room feel welcome.

The NGO “REaktiv Zenica” provided the opening remarks. Aldin Alić discussed the second NGO and its project. Through his speech, he emphasized how things are getting harsher and how the passing of time has altered society in some way.

Visitors from Merhamet, a humanitarian organization, attended this seminar. Emina Kasap Omerašević discussed the initiatives she and other young people are working on to support those in need. Participants concurred that some heroes are ordinary individuals who make the world wonder with their effort.

In front of the Committee for Interreligious Cooperation, Kenan Hodžić shared his own story and delivered a stirring message that, despite our differences in faith and nationality, we are all just people.

We had one special guest from the “Input” Center for young people. The director of this organization, Adi Salčinović talked about its beginnings and different ways young people perceive activism and volunteering work. 

The last speaker of the day was RadiYo Active’s Berina Mahalbašić. She discussed the creative process behind the cameras and the value of organizational collaboration in her speech.

With this seminar, we were all reminded of one important thing-Only What You Give is Yours. We are thankful for the guest speakers and all the young people that showed up. We are motivated to work even harder and we are patiently waiting to host you in Sarajevo on the 31st of August.

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