Following the successful implementation of project activities such as photo exhibitions, Karl Popper debates, and the finalization of the guidebook, the final conference was held. The O’VISOR Final Conference was held in Luxembourg on the 8th and 9th of October, and it brought together representatives from each of the participating organizations, including:

-Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities (BRAVO)

-The Alliance for Global Development (AGD)

-Youth Strategic Research Center Foundation

-Moby Dick

-New Vision

-SFERA Serbia


-World of Change

-Iasis NGO

-Mladiinfo Montenegro

At the Final Conference, representatives from each partnering organization gave a presentation on the implementation of project activities, the final outcome, and the impact that the activities have left on everyone included.

The O’VISOR project coordinator, Ezana Ćeman, gave a brief overview of the project’s prior activities and the work completed, including an O’VISOR guidebook which was presented and shared among partners. Also, the partners discussed the importance of sustainability and ways of achieving it. The partners also talked about the value of sustainability and how to achieve it. Overall, the Final Conference was quite successful and gave partners a chance to congratulate one another on the project’s successful completion.

It is crucial to highlight that this does not signify the end of the project, as our team will keep working hard to increase awareness of the value of volunteering and helping others and to continue the O’VISOR project’s story. Therefore, keep checking back since we’ll be bringing you more interesting stories.

Till next time remember:

‘’Only What You Give is Yours’’


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