“Hello guys, it’s Nikolija! It was truly an honor to represent North Macedonia and the NGO “World of Change” as a youth worker and active member on “O’VISOR” Final Conference in Luxembourg. 3 days, 10 partner organizations, 5 countries explored, lifelong memories made!

Each country presented its local activities and project outcomes on a national level. With every presentation at the Final Conference, you could really feel how much dedication, love, passion, consistency and hard work are put in every day, on every project in the past 18 months. We got a chance to take a look at what Karl Popper’s debate was like and saw the photos that won the Photo contest in 10 other countries.

“O’VISOR” ‘s main aims are supporting Western Balkan countries on their way to the European Union, strengthening EU and Western Balkan identity and showing the importance of transnational volunteering and I really believe BRAVO-BIH and all partner organizations achieve their goals.


I am incredibly proud to be part of the team, contented I have met these inspiring people, proud of all the participants and the amazing things they have done. It felt emotional and nostalgic to remember the moments we shared together in the past 18 months, however, the results will live and thrive in our society. Most importantly, ideas about future projects were born! In only 2 days we got to experience the vibrant city of Luxembourg, its astonishing architecture, rich history and delicious food and made a short trip to Metz, France (one of the most romantic and lovely towns I have ever visited).

It is said that traveling tends to magnify all human emotions. I would add that Erasmus+intensifies all emotions, deepens every thought, it’s the fastest way to learn and the best way to travel and explore.” – Nikolija

“Hi guys ? Here I am again – Vesna. I had the opportunity to travel to Luxembourg and be part of the Final Conference. Here I had the chance to present the outcomes, results and project activities of our NGO, as well as to learn about the activity of other NGOs from all around Europe. I am really glad that it was me who explained about the Info day, the exciting Karl Popper debate and the photography contest. The winners of the Karl Popper debate held in Valandovo have participated in the main Karl Popper debate held in Sarajevo, while the winners’ photos of the contest were exhibited at the exhibition in Athens.

Every presentation was followed by questions and discussion which I found useful and helpful to understand better each activity. The whole conference was truly tailored to the individual needs of the participants and was very interactive.

Of course, this trip was not only “business” but also business & pleasure. I had the chance to meet new exceptional people, try one of the tastiest food in the world, visit the landscapes that Luxembourg is offering, admire the calmness and cleanliness of the city and of course, it won’t be me if I don’t take even a sip of the local beers and wines.” – Vesna


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