“The Hungarian delegation arrived at the project meeting and final conference that took place in Luxemburg between 7-10, October, with mixed feelings. On the one hand, we were proud of the accomplishments we reached during the project, but on the other hand, with a sadness that it was a final event of a fruitful project, signaling the end of cooperation – at least in this regard – with all of the representatives of the project partners we got to know during the last 18 months. Even though each delegation arrived with similar emotions, we managed to do some good work regarding the finishing touches of the administrative part of O’VISOR project. Most of the activities are already done, with only some to be performed by some of the partners, we can certainly call the implementation of this project a success. We, at ISKKA, are proud to have been part of this project and hope to work together in the future with the partners we got to know within the framework of O’VISOR.”


Zsanett Függ

“The project meeting and final conference of O’VISOR project was organized in Luxembourg between October 7 and 10, 2022. The Hungarian delegation came prepared and ready with the necessary documents and reports for the closing meetingy and we were looking forward to listening to every partner experiences concerning the project activities. Following the initial meetings and discussions regarding the finalizing administrative issues of the project. During the final conference, the representative of ISKKA presented the project activaities implemented in Hungary, including several photos and a video of the activities. It was interesting to listen to each partner presenting their work, and we were also able to discuss possibilities of further cooperation.”


Zsolt Péter Függ


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