“Between the 07th-10th of October, IASIS NGO representatives had the honor to participate in the Final Conference in the context of O’visor project and gather again with the partners from 9 different European countries.

More specifically, during the 8th of October he had the chance to meet again with our partners from the project and discuss about the project’s final steps. We presented the activities implemented per partner organization in the framework of the project and had the chance to share beautiful moments during the project’s implementation, such as videos and photos of the events we attended and took part in. It was a very moving moment as the project is coming to an end but the moments will also stay alive. We were very glad to meet again with our partners and discuss about the project’s progress.


During the 9th of October, we had the chance to meet again and discuss about the sustainability of the project and possible ways to keep it alive. It was very nice to see all again and wish we will meet again somehow! The project will always stay alive in our hearts!”

“During the projects Final Conference that was held in Luxembourg between 07-10 of October, I was honored to meet the partners and participants of the project, as In had not attended the previous partner meetings. However, I had the chance to participate in several activities implemented in the framework of the project, such as the Photo Exhibition that was held in Athens, Greece, in IASIS NGO Day Center and the Karl Popper Debate that was held in Porto Rafti, in Greece. During the Final Conference, each organization presented their actions and results produced and achieved during the project’s implementation and also shared beautiful moments that took place during the project. Further information was also provided about the latest steps that every organization needs to follow, concerning the sustainability of the project. The collaboration was flawless throughout the project! Hope to see you all again! It was great to meet you!”


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