After months and months invested into this project, it came to an end. Not finally, because it is not final, however it is more an end of the first stage. As myself haven’t been involved since the start of the project, I can’t express the full experience, rather a piece of it through Sarajevo and Luxembourg.


It seems inspiring being with so many interesting and different young people, but also very similar to myself; with similar expectations, wishes, similar energy and a message to the others out there – that everything is possible. Seeing how much effort was put into months of work – it can bring only admirations to all participants and somehow it is mandatory to honour their work via personal implementation of those messages.I would have to say that we have crossed some borders – literally crossed, whether to Belgium, France or Germany, or in between ourselves in the Balkans, which will be a new introduction to some further actions and projects towards better ourselves, better Balkans and better world in conclusion.


-Nemanja Miletić

Having this project coming to the end, I understand how far we’ve come since the beginning. It was an honor being a part of the final conference and working with so many talented young people.


This project made me think of the importance of volunteering,
cooperating and teamwork. It broadened my horizons and made me realize how many opportunities for the new projects there are. I’m looking forward to see what the future will bring.


-Jovana Radisavljevic


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