From the 7th to the 10th of October I had the opportunity to take part to the Final Conference and meeting of the O’Visor project, organized in Luxembourg, as representative of Moby Dick ETS. Unfortunately I just took part to the last moment of this big project but just this moment made me understand the strong energies and the commitment of the partecipants that in different occasions and events stressed the importance of volunteering. During this days all the representatives of the 10 associations involved showed through photos videos and speeches the way in which they disseminated and promoted the importance of volunteering.


I’m really proud and satisfied about this experience that give me the opportunity to understand how many people fight for values in which I firmly believe. This motivates me to move forward on my path devolved to social policies.


-Giuseppe Giliberti

The “O’Visor” project organized by the BRAVO association represented an excellent opportunity to share best practices about volunteering and the specific actions of each individual country. Each nation, in fact, faces different challenges which, thanks to the culture of volunteering, are welcomed and managed through the commitment of numerous associations involved.


The project also represented an opportunity to create a solid network between those associations that share the culture of volunteering and its values. This allowed for dialogue and laid the foundations for future collaborations and development of the project follow-up.

Personally I participated in the first and last meeting of the project having the opportunity to see the evolution of the activities which, from a phase of mutual knowledge, evolved into a sharing of ideas and values through a training course that has expanded the knowledge about volunteering by the NGOs involved and allowed the creation of new project collaborations concerning this subject.


During the entire life cycle of the project, I also shared with the colleagues who participated in the other meetings, the contents that emerged and the side actions such as workshops and meetings with young people in the area, necessary for follow-up of the activities.


Overall, I am very satisfied with the project from a point of view of both the contents and the logistics organization and I want to thank BRAVO for managing a complex project to perfection in all details.


-Paolo Schetter


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