I am Armando. I am the executive director of New Vision Organization, one of the partner organization of O’Visor Project. I was very happy with the finalization of the project, an event which brought many great opportunities to exchange practices and get inspired. Myself and all the other partners did our presentations regarding our work during the course of the project and this way everyone could show their local activities.


This exchange of practices is a great method of learning and then being able to pass the lessons into my personal work. Guidebooks were also a good concretization of our work. I am looking forward to event greater work and bigger things. 

Hello, I am Endrju. I am very happy that I was part of this event. I believe this project is very inspiring and being able to actually see each partner work is also great. I got to meet many new interesting people and listen to thoughtful advises and stories. Luxemburg was also great, and I made good memories from it. 

For many years I have been engaged in volunteering actions so I thought this is a great project to be able to share my passion and experience with other people regarding the importance volunteering has for society and self-development.


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