Alisa Hasa, 19

In the journey to discover the wholeness of myself, the universe and their relationship, my compass is the spirit of initiative and love for people. By participating in a show with a project on the theme “Albania at its best when…” I realized that the united youth has tremendous potential to give the world the colors it wants. Since then I have contributed to several national and international youth initiatives. Creating the chapter of Girl Up in Albania is one of my most beautiful and growing challenges and experiences. Girl Up gives girls the resources and platform to start movements for social change. Through Girl Talk, Bootcamp, Inspire Session, online awareness campaigns and joint video conferences with girls from around the world, the club aspires to empower girls to raise their voices, develop leadership skills and encourage them to take initiative. In addition, engaging as a facilitator in a digital cultural exchange program has taught me that the starting point of everything is building healthy communities. Building opportunities to understand the interrelationship of human rights and sustainable development, as well as cultivating the competencies of global citizenship constitute the axis of my activism and initiatives.

Rejnada Kokoshi, 22

My name is Rejnada and I am 22 years old. Throughout my 4-year journey as a volunteer, especially in the part of charity campaigns, I have experienced many beautiful things.. But, the trainings organized by NGOs, from the Youth Center of Tirana, from the Municipality of Tirana, from the Ministry of Sports are not left behind either and Youth from New Vision Organization. How nice it is to help and give your contribution to the country where you live.


It is a desire to feel included in the community. Let us show our human spirit every day. And where better than in voluntary activities. Where the human spirit finds the environment to develop. Voluntary work in different fields gives us experiences that positively affect our lives. Being a volunteer means being part of a big family, a family that will change your life forever. If you think that volunteer work is not appreciated, I can tell you that even a small smile is a big appreciation and the smile of hundreds of people is the most beautiful salary you can get from a job done with love.

Elektra Kadiraj, 17

I have been part of the Tirana Municipality volunteers for more than 1 year. During 2021, I gave my contribution as a volunteer and coordinator of volunteers in many different activities, among which I can mention; Tiranathlon, Tirana EYC2022, initiative to clean up Tirana, TiranaArtFest, Arrival of Afghan children in Tirana, U-Report Albania UNICEF, Presentation of Tirana Go Trill Auditions, etc. Along this path, I won the most beautiful award for my contribution, which is the smile of people, which fills me with warmth and motivation to continue. After all, today is a day of volunteering, but tomorrow you will live a beautiful life. I am a good example to be inspired by because I symbolize human feeling, love and solidarity. I cordially invite everyone to experience the feeling of being a Volunteer at least once. Trust me, you will be rewarded with moral and civic values that will bring a shine to your soul.

Enalba Pillati, 23

My voluntary work with differently abled children has made me realize that the world is full of colors. My commitment to DSA started in 2015 with various activities and campaigns. I have always tried to give my best in every activity I undertake to raise awareness and sensibility for differently abled people, mainly people with Down Syndrome! I tried to give a good example that the world is diverse, we are all unique and we should accept each other as we are. During my work at the “Down Syndrome Albania” Foundation, I assisted in projects with a focus on increasing social autonomy and their inclusiveness in society.

Irla Pirra, 18

I am Irla. For me, volunteering is a way to help others and the community. I have always engaged in volunteer work with various organizations to contribute to causes that I think would bring a positive impact. Mainly, I have been engaged with the Municipality of Tirana in various projects such as the Tirana Marathon, Tiranathlon, Volunteering for Afghans, etc. However, I have also carried out personal campaigns, such as the 16 days of awareness activism against violence against women. In this campaign I contributed videos, stories, photos and slogans together with some of my peers. 



My motto regarding volunteering is: Work for a cause not for an applause, live to express not to impress.


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