My name is Doris Lalević and I am a third year law student. Through my previous education, I participated in many activities. I was a founder of a volunteer club in my high school with whom I was part in many activities such as raising money for local  NGOs for helping stray animals, helping children with disabilities, cleaning local parks, and making a presentation for awareness of overweight children and the importance of physical activities. I was a project assistant in the music festival ’’Danilovgradation’’. I took part in UNICEF’s UPSHIFT where I had a chance to present a project that could contribute to the development of my community. I have been a Red Cross volunteer since 2018 and I was a volunteer at NGO Zid for two years. I participated in the workshop ’’No impunity for the past ” that is supported by the EU. I was also part of the Student Council and I represented first and second year at my faculty of Law, where I provided protection of student’s rights. Currently I am volunteering in NGO Mladiinfo and I’m putting effort in improving the position of young people, providing information, promoting volunteerism and active participation in society, as well as raising society’s awareness of issues and problems concerning young people. I have also been volunteering in ESN – Erasmus Student Network since this year.