The importance of volunteering for me.
“It is not an action but the action of many”


I started volunteering in 2018 when, after returning from my 6 months of Erasmus in the Canary Islands, I started to see with different eyes my home, my territory. So I decided that I couldn’t just stand by and complain, but I could work for things to change. I started with environmental volunteer activities, Clean Up at the beach taught me how a small gesture like for example to abandon waste if multiplied for all people who do not pay attention to this dynamic becomes a huge problem. 


I subsequently participated in actions to enhance the urban decorum of the neighborhood where I live with other residents and understood how active action by stakeholders if supported by institutions leads to results that reflect the will of stakeholders and to more durable and functional results.


Of course my actions have not directly changed the world for the better, but they have helped me understand what are respectful attitudes and behaviors for other individuals and for life together in society and on the planet. So I think if we all participated in forms of volunteering, the world would be a better place.


I have always been an active part of the world of associations and volunteering. Since 2014 I am part of the Youth Forum of Capaccio Paestum (SA), of which I was the coordinator from 2018 to 2020. With the Youth Forum we participated and organized various voluntary activities such as cleaning the beaches of our coast together with the Legambiente and young migrants hosted in the immigration centers. In addition, every year we are engaged in the Christmas period in collecting gifts to give to children from families in difficulty to be able to give a simple smile at a time of year that should be nice and warm but that is the saddest for those who live economic and family problems. Other activities have also been linked to the entertainment of young people also and especially with digital tools to ensure that young people did not alienate themselves in this very difficult period of social isolation. Since 2017 I am also part of the Lions Club International (Silarus Campaign), of which I had the presidency for the 2019/2020 year. With Lions, I have also participated in several fundraisers but mostly we are dedicated to solidarity activities where we can make available our personal and professional skills. In addition, there are activities that we carry out annually, such as collecting used glasses that we donate every year to the citizens of the poorest countries in the world; we also dedicate ourselves to free screening for diabetes for citizenship and much more. Finally, I am part of other informal and formalised groups with which we help to inform young people about the many possibilities that Europe and the state offer for them.


I strongly believe in volunteering and I believe that each of us must try at least once in his life a voluntary activity as carrying out this act of love is a real experience that makes us feel useful to society and to our neighbour and not only because it allows us to help the other but also because it also represents growth for themselves, Personal enrichment that is unparalleled.  It also allows us to meet new people, sometimes new cultures and new thoughts, and to know ourselves even better. It seems a foregone conclusion but I believe that very often we do not realize how much we can give until we put it into practice. I am convinced that we are the world in which we live, and if we give even a minute of our time to another person, the world can be a better place.



Health for all: protect all.


COVID-19 pandemic led to dramatic loss of life human beings around the world and represents an unprecedented challenge to health public, food systems and the world of work. Given the emergency COVID-19, Moby Dick ETS decided to be alongside health care personnel, along with the volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps. The initiative is part of the MAN (Micro Christmas Actions), promoted by Solidalis CSV of Salerno. We have

offered sweets and hot drinks for the operators of the Hospital Da Procida and the Roars. Such actions arouse indescribable emotions.

For me, this action means a lot, because we were not just there to serve hot drinks, but to prove that we are always here with you and in those days we are all together. It was an act of solidarity on our part, to show respect and support to medical staff. We have shown solidarity with them, and solidarity works best when we understand and respect each other needs and circumstances of social life. Our society must provide attention to the idea of the common good, where the desire of all to Building a better society for future generations tomorrow.


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