The importance of volunteering for me.
“It is not an action but the action of many”

I started volunteering in 2018 when, after returning from my 6 months of Erasmus in the Canary Islands, I started to see with different eyes my home, my territory. So I decided that I couldn’t just stand by and complain, but I could work for things to change. I started with environmental volunteer activities, Clean Up at the beach taught me how a small gesture like for example to abandon waste if multiplied for all people who do not pay attention to this dynamic becomes a huge problem. 

I subsequently participated in actions to enhance the urban decorum of the neighborhood where I live with other residents and understood how active action by stakeholders if supported by institutions leads to results that reflect the will of stakeholders and to more durable and functional results.

Of course my actions have not directly changed the world for the better, but they have helped me understand what are respectful attitudes and behaviors for other individuals and for life together in society and on the planet. So I think if we all participated in forms of volunteering, the world would be a better place.